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Osteopaths at MAMA

The OsteoRehab Group
is a specialist Osteopathic company that brings together Osteopathic Medicine, Rehabilitation/Orthopedic Medicine and Sports Medicine delivering what we believe is the best mix of these modalities for our patients needs.

Osteopathic Medicine is a ‘whole body’ manual therapy, based on scientific biomechanical principles, which uses a wide range of Techniques to help with musculoskeletal, vascular, visceral (organ), endocrine (hormonal) and neurological problems and many other functional problems in the body.

Methods of Treatment

At The OsteoRehab Group, all Osteopathic techniques are used, as true Osteopathic treatment is about the patient, not about the patient fitting to a single technique. All techniques used at our clinics are evidence based and are used to target identified problems and patient needs.

Osteopathic medical techniques used could include,

  • Structural, Muscle Energy, PNF, Soft Tissue
  • Visceral, Functional, Cranial, Fascial,
  • Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Reflex Points, Strain-Counterstrain, Neuromuscular therapy, Travel trigger points
  • Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage
  • Harmonics, Articulation, General Osteopathic Technique & General Articulation Technique.

Specialised Maternity Clinic.

The OsteoRehab Group has a special interest in Maternity and Paediatric care and has set up a clinic at MAMA Maternity Inc. The Taylors Road, Morningside clinic caters specifically for the needs of parents and babies although we do treat general osteopathic clients at this location as well. OsteoRehab has developed a Clinic Specific fee structure that subsidies the cost of care when clients are referred from MAMA Midwives, staff or other practitioners at MAMA.

  • Pregnancy (Mothers) — Preconceptual care, Pregnancy & Postnatal assessments including Breastfeeding problems; Mastitis; Backache; Headaches; Pelvic laxity; Sciatica, Sleeping problems; Groin Pain; Pubic Synthesis dysfunction/rupture; PPP – Posterior Pelvic Pain; Low back pain; Breathing problems; Rib pain; Shoulder and neck pain; Carpal tunnel; Fluid retention etc
  • Babies — Reflux & spilling; Colic; Misshapen Head (plagiocephaly); Constipation; Minor trauma from birth; Feeding & suckling problems; Unsettled baby & crying issues; Torticolis; Sleeping problems; Hip dysplasia, Brachial plexus trauma/Erb’s palsy, Clavicle fractures and general postbirth check-ups/assessments.

Dr Paul Buchanan-Johns, B.App.Sci (Human Bio), Master of Osteopathy

Principle Therapist and Company Director

Paul’s Osteopathic training was completed in Auckland, New Zealand, where he qualified with distinction in both his Applied Science Degree (Human Biology) and a Masters of Osteopathy.

A Masters qualification is still considered the highest recognized standard Osteopathic qualification in the world. Paul is a NZ registered Osteopath with the OCNZ and ACC registered.

Between 2005 and 2012 Paul taught at Unitec in the NZ Osteopathic program. His roles over this time included being a Senior Clinical Tutor, the Clinical Coordinator of the 5th year Masters Clinic Program, and various roles in part time & tenured academic teaching for Surface Anatomy, Pathology & Clinical Pathology, Orthopedic Testing and Osteopathic Technique. Paul has a clinical and theoretical interest in teaching general habilitation & rehabilitation; sports specific habilitation; care for injuries & how to rehabilitate injuries efficiently and effectively; general paediatric and pregnancy care; early intervention in arthritis; and lifestyle/exercise changes to improve long term outcomes for joint problems.

Paul’s previous career as a Civil Engineer has given him an understanding of structure and biomechanics that enhances his Osteopathic practice.

Paul is also a father and is experienced in treating women preconceptually, during pregnancy and postbirth as well as newborn infants, babies and children —specialised areas that require sound knowledge. Pregnancy, babies and children were areas that Paul focused on when teaching to ensure that graduates had the knowledge to work safely and effectively with clients during these life stages.

OsteoRehab @ Sandringham

MAMA Maternity Inc
13 Coyle St, Sandringham

OsteoRehab @ The Bridge

5 Pikitea Road
Mangere Bridge

OsteoRehab @ Site

Located at your site

Mb: (021) 767 836

Em: pbjosteo@gmail.com



At OsteOasis we specialize in the treatment of pregnant women, babies, and children. Our practitioners are experienced, well trained, and dedicated to providing the best possible care for you and your child.

Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can bring relief from low back and pelvic pain, prepare your body for delivery, and help facilitate a speedy recovery post-partum. Because at OsteOasis we have have a particular focus on pregnancy, you can be assured that treatment will be safe and effective during your pregnancy, and our osteopaths can offer useful advice, encouragement, and support throughout.

Lorelei Messersmith, BAppSc (HB), MOst.

LoreleiLorelei first experienced osteopathy as a patient with an injured shoulder; she was impressed with the speed of her recovery and the multi-faceted approach that the osteopath took to reduce her pain and aid in her recovery.  Years later, getting herself and her first daughter treated for latching difficulties had a huge positive impact on the early years of motherhood.
As an osteopath, Lorelei has a special interest in easing the transition of becoming a new family by aiding the mother’s body to best adapt to pregnancy, birth and after, and helping the new little people adjust physically to life outside the womb.  She loves a profession that is inherently focused on healing by finding and treating the root cause of the person’s symptoms, while respecting each person’s individuality and humanity.  Lorelei has completed several postgraduate courses in paediatric and general osteopathy, and keeps up to date on recent research involving primary care and nutrition.

Lorelei Messersmith

021 345 816