Natures Sway Baby Hammock - New Design

Natures Sway Baby Hammock is a NZ designed and made fabric bed attached to a gently bouncing spring.  The hammock is made from dye and chemical free calico, with a natural hemp and organic cotton covered NZ wool futon mattress.  It comes with a galvanised spring with safety strap and cover.  It can be hung from the ceiling (coach hooks included) or hung in a doorway via the door clamp which is also included. The 50cm length of stainless steel chain with clips ensures that you can hang the hammock at a comfortable height for you and your baby.

New, improved the design. (May 2011).  Updated features include:

  • A slightly flatter bed while still maintaining a gentle curve which supports the natural C-curve of baby’s spine
  • Thanks to a new foot gate feature there is 20cm more usable length
  • The new design also better accommodates the  coconut fibre mattress stiffener (this is available as an extra accessory.

Comes with easy set up and safety instructions.

Natures Sway Hammock, a bassinet substitute that supports gentle spinal curvature and sways in response to baby’s movements, creating a familiar sleeping space for babies who have been curled up and rocked in mummy’s tummy.



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