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I feel honoured and privileged to have found BodyTalk and to be a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. I am excited about assisting other adults, children and babies (both in the womb and after birth) in achieving their highest potential for physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. For clients who are unable to come to the clinic for any reason, I also do distance Body Talk sessions.  To book a BodyTalk session with me call 021 110 4872

I have a daughter who had eczema that covered a large part of her body. I was hesitant to use the prescribed steroid cream due to her young age and it was important that I address the cause of her eczema and not just cover up the symptoms.

While visiting my home country Canada, I was given a gift certificate for a BodyTalk session. During the session I felt something happening that I had not experienced before! I promised myself I would find out more about this “BodyTalk” upon my return to New Zealand.

Once back, I attended a BodyTalk lecture and an Access course. This convinced me to book another session. Having recently moved to New Zealand with my husband, nine month old daughter and two cats, the stresses that came with these major life changes were beginning to affect my health. The BodyTalk sessions quickly and effectively addressed the areas where my body and mind had fallen out of optimal balance. During and after my sessions my physical aches and pains and mental stresses gently dissipated. Taking their place was a sense of being grounded and calm and with that developed a happy body with no more aches and pains! I introduced my daughter to BodyTalk sessions and to my relief her eczema gradually disappeared.

I was sold! BodyTalk is the therapy I had been looking for with its gentle, integrative, non-invasive approach that provides long lasting results. After the relief and balance that both my daughter and I experienced after our BodyTalk treatments, I decided to become a practitioner.

I had always been interested in the workings of the body and studied Biology at University for two years.  I soon realised that the “secrets of life” were not going to be found in the lab.  I left to pursue a career in the performing arts.  During that time I studied and practiced Energy Work for 10 years and also studied and long-distance healing for 8 years. I am also trained in Reiki.

Through BodyTalk I have finally found an effective healing modality that integrates the body’s physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems.


“I can’t believe the difference that Body Tlk has made to my life.  From the first session I had people comment about the positive changes in me.  The sense of calm that I felt was incredible and gave me the ability to better deal with life’s day to day pressures.  I found Elizabeth to be highly intuitive and quickly able to pinpoint the root of my problem.”

Mrs Kite – Auckland

I look forward to assisting you to reach your highest potential for overall health.

Elizabeth McQuade

For more information or bookings:-

www:   http://bodytalksystem.com

Home: 09 629 4405, Mobile: 021 110 4872,


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