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Cathy McCormick (RM, CBE) facilitates the HolisticBaby Mothers Support Group in Titirangi. HolisticBaby is a resource and support network for mothers and families that is holistic and focuses on the positive.

In this group, information about early parenting, maternal adjustment and infant development is presented. Mothers are invited to discuss parenting and healthcare ideas and practices related to the mothering experience with a view to restoring confidence in their instinctive ability to parent, analyse and use or discard some of the plethora of parenting advice and information they are exposed to and to make choices that support their babies holistic development and their own wellbeing.

Cathy invites guest speakers with a broad range of expertise and experience to present information to these groups.

If you are interested in old and new ideas and information, stimulating discussion, support and making new friends etc in a baby friendly environment book into this 8+ week course.

For further information and bookings go to www.holisticbaby.co.nz or phone Cathy on 09 811 8600.