CONSCIOUS BIRTH with Caroline Beazley

“What a wonderful beginning it is, when a new life is conceived and brought to birth with a conscious intention of love and nurturing!

I am honoured to walk beside you as you anticipate the journey ahead. 

I see my role as assisting you to re-awaken your inner knowing; to connect more deeply to your body wisdom and to embrace the soul connection you have with your unborn child.”                                                                                                                                                Caroline 



  • Your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing does impact the baby in utero. Consciously directed love, presence and protection offers your child the best possible start to life. Ideally this preparation begins before conception.
  • Self reflection enables you to look at your own life experiences and parent modeling. You can reset intentions if necessary so that patterns which have not served you well, wont affect the wellbeing of the family you are now creating.
  • Developing deeper inner listening and stillness enhances your intuition and enables heartfelt communication and bonding with your unborn child.
  • A conscious toolkit for birth and beyond reconnects you to your inner knowing of how to respond to your own needs and that of your baby with confidence.
  • Purposeful visualization empowers you to trust your innate body wisdom and capacity to deliver a healthy baby naturally with ease and joy.


Fertility Consultation – A four hand approach where my husband Audie and I offer a holistic assessment of what may be contributing causes to your fertility challenges. A combination of intuitive bodywork, sound healing and counselling may be recommended to assist you to resolve and release unwanted energies or historic issues that may be preventing you from conceiving.

Haputanga Pregnancy Bodywork – A combination of gentle massage, body alignment & pressure point activation to maximise comfort of mother and enhance healthy growth of baby. A nurturing, four hand approach offered by my husband and I. Ideally this is continued weekly up until the birth. Can also be taught to your partner to continue at home.

Antenatal & Couple Counselling – Compassionate guidance as you choose what to put aside and what to embrace moving forward into parenthood. A safe space for honest communication that enables you to feel heard; build trust and co-operation; resolve conflict peacefully & align expectations.

Trauma Release Sessions – Unresolved trauma is held in the cellular memory of the body until it is consciously released. The body-centric and intimate nature of pregnancy and birth procedures may trigger post-traumatic stress responses in women who have a history of sexual abuse, miscarriage, termination or previous birth trauma.

I am experienced in facilitating safe and sacred conscious traumatic memory release which will enable you to go forward into this birth feeling less fearful and more empowered. I use techniques that include breath, sound, positive visualisation and active bodywork to support you to release trauma safely and effectively.


Conscious Birth Vocal Sound Preparation – Intentional Sounding is an incredible tool to support your pregnancy and birth and can be undertaken after the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Bond with and nourish  your growing baby with your unique, loving sound vibrations
  • Learn how to release the discomforts of pregnancy through  breath and sound
  • Prepare your body, mind and soul for a more conscious birth experience
  • Discover your powerful, primal sounds to assist and ease the birthing process


Conscious Birth Toolkit Series – Simple exercises using Breath, Colour, Sound, Visualisation & Body Awareness that assist you to create a safe, loving, sacred space in which to receive your precious child. Group or private sessions.

  • Deepen your inner listening
  • Prepare and nurture your changing body
  • Communicate with the soul of your baby
  • Take care of your thoughts and feelings
  • Refine your birth plan to engage self-empowering labour support
  • Invite strength, flow and ease for the birth


Beyond BirthThe early weeks and months after the arrival of your precious babe are incredibly demanding on parents, both physically and emotionally. Post Natal Consultations can support you as you endeavour to find space for yourself within the new world you have created, with potential for:

  • renewed energy and coping ability
  • enhanced parent / child bond
  • restoring the “love in the little things”
  • self acceptance and nurturing
  • emotional equilibrium

If you are house bound and feeling overwhelmed, I am happy to home visit or make skype contact in those early weeks to help make life just that little bit easier for you. I can work with you to create a simple, practical plan to ensure everyone’s needs are met, especially yours! and I am only ever a text away…

Conscious Parenting Circles of Support – Once you are settled in with your new baby, you may appreciate the support of a parenting circle. Here we explore my 7 key principles for conscious parenting as they relate to your daily experience. If you are keen to start a Conscious Parenting Circle here at MAMA for your network of parent friends I would be happy to come and facilitate your group. Contact me to discuss details.


Caroline is a Counsellor, Parenting Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner with a professional career spanning three decades. Her Conscious Parenting Services were launched back in 2009 and were borne out of her own self-development as a parent, which sparked her passion to share her intuitive learnings to support and nurture the wellbeing of other families making the transition into parenting.

Caroline is committed to making her services accessible to as many families as possible thus she does not charge a set fee for her services. This gives you the opportunity to place your own monetary value on the assistance you receive within your means. Enquiries welcome…

Phone021 100 72 71 Visit:   Email: [email protected]