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    Calm-med supports normal infant response to distress and has beneficial calming and settling properties.
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    Teethmed Relief provides support emotionally and physically for infants during the teething process
  • Nourish your skin, calm your mind and elevate your spirit. A balm for all skin types, made with a fusion of exotic oils. Packed with nature's potent anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. A synergy of pure ingredients of the highest quality, genuinely chemical free. Hand made with love and care by its founders in Auckland, NZ. Its beauty is its versatility.

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    Gaia Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil promotes skin elasticity to assist your skin to stretch to accommodate your growing baby.  
  • Gaia Conditioning Detangler Take the hassle out of combing with Gaia's Conditioning Detangler. A handy leave in spray that can be used on dry or damp hair . All ingredients derived from natural sources with certified organic oat protein extract, chamomile extract and essential oils of lavender, sweet orange and chamomile. Free from silicone, petrochemicals, mineral oils, soap, sulphates, artificial fragrance, paraben preservatives, propylene, glycol, lanolin and phthalates.
  • Your skin can change significantly when you are pregnant and with hormones fluctuating, this can lead to skin dryness and sensitivities, not to mention being itchy from all that stretching. This rich cream is specially formulated to maintain moisture, suppleness and elasticity while your belly is stretching to accommodate your growing baby - and it doesn't leave the greasy residue like some butters can. Deeply moisturising and nourishing, it contains pure cocoa butter and organic shea butter, both well known for replenishing skin's vital moisture, maintaining suppleness and reducing the possibility and appearance of stretchmarks.  
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    Gaia Baby Massage Oil is a beautiful blend of pure sweet almond oil combined with a hint of Lavender and Chamomile Pure Essential Oils. Mild and gentle on baby's skin. Helps calm and relax your baby. CAN ALSO BE USED AS A MASSAGE OIL DURING PREGNANCY.
  • FlexiBath - the only rigid plastic children's bathtub which folds up flat. It is easily emptied via the plug or bailed out then folded for storage solving the perennial problem of where to put the baby's bath when it's not in use.  
  • A beautiful and well-designed baby bath support which ensures maximum comfort and safety while allowing complete freedom of movement for the baby.  
  • Eco Sprout certified organic cotton muslin wrap. Double layer of luxurious, super soft organic cotton that washes beautifully and softens with age.
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    Eco Sprout organic cotton hooded baby towel. Soft white organic cotton towelling with bound edges. Available in Baby and Toddler size. Baby: 75cm x 75 cm Toddler 100 x 100cm
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    Dribble Ons are made from combination of stretch cotton knit over a layer of thick, soft terry toweling which absorb moisture whilst at the same time being comfortable and cute to wear.