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    • Made from 100% natural NZ super soft Merino wool
    • Merino regulates body temperature so your baby won’t overheat or wake up cold during the night – making them sleep longer.
    • Lightweight, non-irritating and incredibly soft against young sensitive skin
    • Made of 2 layers of natural fibres, 100% Organic Cotton on the outside and 100% NZ Merino on the inside.
    • Mid Season Sleeping Bag – Spring/Summer/Autumn recommended for rooms 18 deg – 26 deg
    • NB – 2 year size measures 90 cm in length
    • Features optional car seat or pushchair buckle access so no disrupted sleep when moving from car or pram.
    • Merino regulates body temperature so your baby won’t overheat or wake up cold during the night.
    • Prevents baby from wriggling out of blankets and getting cold.
    • Machine washable.
    • Proudly Made in New Zealand
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    Sweetcheeks merino long-sleeved nightie. Two button front for ease of dressing with a drawstring bottom to keep baby warm all night and prevent the blankets from being kicked off. Nighties are suitable for boy and girl babies and make night-time nappy changes simple and quick. Fits babies up to 4 months. Made in New Zealand from New Zealand merino wool.
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    Sweetcheeks merino baby wrap. Soft, fine merino for swaddling your baby.
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    Swaddle Up 50/50

    Swaddle Up 50/50 No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms up, down or across their chest the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling and into a sleeping bag.  
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    Love to dream Swaddle Up is an innovative swaddle that makes it easy for every parent to effectively swaddle their baby! The Swaddle Up fits snugly but allows baby access to their hands and calms the startle reflex. Two-way zip fastening means your baby doesn't "escape" during sleep and wake because of cold hands or because s/he is feeling insecure.
  • Silly Billyz Muslin Swaddle Wraps are made with pre washed 100% cotton muslin in an extra-large size (120 x 120cm). This soft cotton is loose weave and breathable ideal for keeping your baby comfortable and secure in warmer weather.  
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    Pureborn organic cotton sleep sack for babies from birth to 3 months. Envelope neck for easy dressing, mitten cuffs and drawstring hem for warmth. A comfortable and practical garment for babies to wear night and day. Available in two sizes and seven colours.
  • Protect·A·Bed® Quilted Cotton Mattress Protectors provide superior comfort and feature the all-important Miracle Membrane® for protection against against bedwetting as well as dustmite allergens & bacteria – helps keep your baby healthy while sleeping.  
  • Outstanding value for baby. Made with a Miracle Membrane™, fitted cot mattress protectors keeps infants safe and comfortable. Everyday use – comfort and protection for baby
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    Kimberly NZ Wool Thermacell Woolen Blankets ( bassinet and cot blankets with a woven edge. The aircell weave traps heat and creates a lightweight blanket that is 1.5 to 2 times as warm as a regular blanket of the same weight. These lightweight blankets are especially suitable for babies' beds because they can be layered to provide warmth without being too heavy.  
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    Kimberly 100% NZ Merino Wool Thermacell Woolen Blankets Thermal Insulation is largely determined by the still air held within the product making aircell the best choice for baby blankets.We use long, fine new fleece wool, grown in New Zealand.  
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