Pregnancy Movement & Relaxation at MAMA

Sheena Roberts teaches a pregnancy movement and relaxation class at MAMA inc on Thursday evenings from 5.30 – 7pm.

Unlike movement practices that rely on fixed patterns or postures, this class invites us to explore our intrinsic nature as fluid and creative beings.

Come along for some delicious body centred fun, an opportunity to connect with your body & learn about your amazing pelvis as you prepare for birth.

This class offers gentle stretches, breath awareness, massage and guided relaxation.

No experience required. 12 weeks pregnant onwards.

$15 per class – Bring a mat.

For more information and bookings contact:-

Sheena: Phone or Text – 0274 880 690 ; Email – [email protected]


Prenatal Fitness with Petra

Monday evenings 5:30pm-6:30pm

Prepare yourself for labour and birth and stay strong for parenting and nursing your baby.

Petra Horvatic leads a Prenatal Fitness group for all mums to be (12 weeks onwards).

Many women find that the best time to start an exercise program is in the 2nd trimester, when the nausea, vomiting and profound fatigue of the 1st trimester have passed.

The classes involve a mix of techniques including Pilates, Yoga and Strength Training to a background of up-beat music to lift your energy levels, boost your spirit and make your week happier.

Exercise during pregnancy has huge benefits for you and for your growing baby.

  • You are likely to gain less weight,
  • Your labour and birth will be easier for your to cope with
  • You lower the risk of getting a gestational diabetes, lower back pain, constipation, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis and more…..

 By increasing the strength, flexibility and endurance and reducing stress and anxiety, you will be able to enjoy in your pregnancy and you will be more ready for your labour & birth and the challenges of your new role of being a mum to a new baby 🙂

Petra, Master of Sport Science, Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Cost: Casual Classes – $20; 4x Classes – $64 (to be used over 5 weeks time); and 8x Classes – $120 (to be used over 10 weeks time).

Phone: 021 0251 7542

Email: [email protected]