Pregnancy Yoga

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Pregnancy Yoga at MAMA

Claire Ecclestone will be teaching pregnancy yoga classes at MAMA Inc.(Monday and Thursday evenings) starting February 2018. Yoga provides an opportunity to develop greater vitality and awareness of your body that is home for two, as well as to deepen your relationship with your baby.

These classes are suitable for beginners as well as those who already practice yoga. Participate in a series of gentle and nurturing stretches as well as massage and affirmations aimed at making your pregnancy more comfortable and preparing you for birth.

Come along for some delicious body centred fun. A nurturing space to connect with your body, your baby and other pregnant mammas.  Also an opportunity to learn more about your fabulous pelvis.

Claire is a mum, and an experienced midwife, a midwifery & childbirth educator as well as a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher.  

For more information and bookings contact:-

  • Claire – Phone or Text  – 0275   398  495