Prenatal Education and Bonding to optimize the physical, mental and emotional development of your unborn baby.

Pre and perinatal psychology teaches us that the experiences in the womb will not only affect our physical health,  but our mental and emotional health as well. With this knowledge in mind, we created Womb Time®, a very unique prenatal bonding programme for all expecting parents. You will learn how to optimize physical, mental and emotional development, giving your baby the absolute best start to life. We know now that resilience and how we feel about ourselves is influenced by our earliest experiences.

You will get an insight into your baby’s world and learn how to bond with your unborn baby in an inspiring and magical away. Prenatal bonding is not only beneficial for your baby’s development but will also aid you significantly during the birth and postnatal period. This early emotional connection of mutual trust and attunement will make all the difference when it comes to caring for your baby and making the transition into parenthood.

Expecting parents can impact the wellbeing of their babies while their babies are in the womb, so now is the time to positively influence the foundations of life.

Womb Time ® is based on scientific findings from Pre and Perinatal Psychology and  Secure Attachment research.

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