During your pregnancy check-up visits you and your LMC midwife or doctor will gradually develop a Care Plan. This Care Plan records all the choices you make about your care during your pregnancy, your labour and birth and after your baby is born. If you change your mind about anything, this is added to, or changed on, your Care Plan.

Ask your LMC what process s/he uses to help you make plans and decisions about the care you need.

Routine Pregnancy Care Procedures

During your pregnancy you will have regular visits with your LMC to monitor your health and well-being and that of your developing baby. There are some routine procedures that may occur at each of these visits e.g. weighing, measuring, urine testing, blood pressure checks, listening to your baby’s heartbeat. Make sure you understand what these procedures are and why they’re done.

Individualising your care

You need to let your LMC know if you have any special needs or requests about the way that care is provided.

Special needs can relate to:-

  • culture
  • religion
  • lifestyle
  • language
  • diet and/or allergies
  • medical conditions or medical history
  • disability
  • family/relationship/marital issues
  • employment and income

Your LMC can refer you to other support services e.g. physiotherapist, social worker, teen pregnancy support services, dietician etc for extra help, advice and support.