In New Zealand every pregnant woman is expected to choose a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) midwife or doctor who will monitor and support them through pregnancy, labour and birth and the first 4 – 6 weeks after the birth.

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal life events for most healthy women.

Good maternity care will assist the mother to stay in good health, monitor the growth her baby and provide her with any information she needs to reassure her that the physical and emotional changes she is experiencing are normal and healthy and that her baby is growing normally.

Good maternity care will also ensure that women and babies, for whom pregnancy etc does not proceed quite so normally, are able to access the extra services they need to assist them to have the best possible outcomes.

You should choose a Lead Maternity Carer who

• makes you feel comfortable and confident.

• you feel you can easily talk to and seems to be genuinely interested in you and your baby and family.

• you want to share this special time in your life with.

• will enable you to make informed choices about your maternity care.

• will respect and support the choices you make.

Click here to receive information from MAMA about Lead Maternity Carer midwives etc in  Auckland

If you live outside Auckland you can get contact details for the LMCs in your area from the nationwide information service for maternity consumers 0800 MUM 2 Be (0800 686 223). You can also get information about midwives from