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MAMA provides Birth and Parenting Preparation (Antenatal) Courses in our rooms at 13 Coyle Street, Sandringham.  

The courses for parents expecting one baby are primarily designed to meet the needs of first time parents who are interested in finding out about the how they can support the normal process of labour and birth and prepare for responsively parenting their baby and establishing successful breastfeeding. Ideally women will attend with their baby’s father, their partner or a support person.

Topics Covered include:-

  • Staying healthy during the last trimester of pregnancy.
  • What happens during labour.
  • Labour coping skills for the labouring mother and her partner/support person.
  • The role of your LMC midwife or doctor.
  • Medical pain relief and medical interventions in the labouring process – making informed choices.
  • The first hours and days of your baby’s life.
  • Information to help establish successful breastfeeding.
  • Your baby’s adjustment to life in the outside world – sleeping, crying feeding etc.
  • Practical parenting.
  • Your adjustment to parenting.
  • Government funded well child services.

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Birth and Parenting Preparation Courses

@MAMA Inc, Coyle Street, Sandringham

Birth and Parenting Preparation Courses for women/couples expecting their first baby. Women/couples wanting to attend should book into a course that finishes when they are about 34 – 37 weeks pregnant.

Courses are held at our rooms in Coyle Street, Sandringham.

Bookings are essential.

4 consecutive Saturday mornings from 10:00am – 1:00pm.

We do not accept bookings from women till they are 14 weeks pregnant

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