Millymook Girls Sunhats 2 – 12 yrs


Millymook Sunhats for girls. Stylish and practical 100% cotton hats that fit children from approx 2 – 5 years (51cm) 5 – 12 years (55cm).


Millymook Girls Sunhats 2 – 12 yrs. Stylish and practical mostly 100% cotton hats that fit children from approx 2 – 5 years (51cm) 5 – 12 years (55cm). Most, except the ponytail hats, have a chin strap to keep them on and most of the styles are reversible.

All the Caps are one size fits all and are adjustable. Approx 54cm.

Please note that the colours in the photos are not always accurate – particularly those with the children, which appear to be more blue than the true colours.

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One size fits all, 51cm, 55cm


Happy Flower, Candy, Vintage Floral, Sweetheart Pink, SweetheartLilac, Holly Red, Indigo, Billie Check, Rosie, Chloe, Honeyblossom, Sundae-Raspberry, Abbie Ponytail, Tasha, Winnie, Camo Pink, Viola, Blooms, Honey, Maisy, Capri, Charlie Ponytail, Imogen Swim Hat – Nylon / Elastane, Tammy, Butterfly Kisses, Kaylee, Ruby, Lalee Cap 54cm, Melody Blue Cap 54cm, Isla Cap 54cm, Destiny Pink Cap 54cm, Florida Ponytail, Evie, Alyssa, Blaire, Harmony, Josephine, Brooke, Amia, Holiday, Taylor, Alana Swim Hat, Clementine Ponytail, Kandice, Peachy Cap, Pearl, Leilani, Liliana, Maddi- no chin strap, Wallaga 54cm, Bianca, Hazel – no chin strap, Jacqueline, Narooma no chin strap, Blush, Eden, Sweetheart Mint, Dempsey Cap 54cm, Connie Ponytail Swim Hat, Demi Swim Hat, Phillipa Blue, Kadina no chin strap, Manoora, Amber Ponytail (Polyester), Oasis Microfibre Swim Hat, Phillipa Watermelon, Alma, Phillipa Mint

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