Unimom Allegro Electric Portable Breast Pump


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Unimom Allegro Electric Portable Breast Pump

  • Unimom Allegro Electric Portable Breast Pump

In stock


The Allegro model is versatile and portable. Designed for part time expressing.

With an in-built rechargeable battery, seven level digital settings, a hygienic back flow protection system and the ability to upgrade to a double pump.


  • Dual Stage Expression – Mimics baby’s natural sucking allowing for faster let down
  • Portable – Light weight pump- Will fit in your hand bag and easy to travel with
  • Rechargeable Battery Inbuilt – Up to 3 hours of rechargeable power or can work from AC power adapter [both included]
  • Electronically Controlled – LED display and soft touch controls.
  • Adjustable Vacuum/Cycles – 7 Suction Levels
  • Closed System – Back flow protection
  • BPA Free – All components that come into contact with breast milk are BPA Free.
  • Memory – Will remember your first pump and will automatically switch to your desired level next pump, after the let down phase.
    Charging time is approx 2hrs 15mins
    *Designed for part time expressing only. Up to 4 times per day. Will not endure full time use.

Includes: One Bottle, Cap, Disk, Bottle cover, AC adaptor *For double pumping an extra shield kit must be purchased… **Note The extra Breast Shield Kit does not come with the Silicon Massager (although this can be purchased separately).

**When you purchase a Unimom Electric breast pump we recommend you purchase a Switch Kit which converts it to a manual hand pump, to go with it. Teats are not included with our pumps. Standard narrow neck teats from other brands will fit Unimom bottles.

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